What is API Management and what are its advantages?





To understand what API management is, wecan start byaddressing api definition. Historically, this acronym has existed for 50 years and corresponds to the initials  of Application Programming Interface - which we can translate as application programming interface.


Whenever you use any application or software, the common user only deals with an interface of the same. But behind this, THE API sits as a kind of "invisible bridge", which allows the safe integration of very different systems.


To meet the current demands of digital transformation, companies need to find technological process optimization and communication solutions.


Typically in organizations, systems are increasingly distributed, which makes the need for information increasing. On the other hand, applications and software are designed to meet needs at all times, with architectures that do not favor interoperability.

Communication and security failures in an increasingly complex and fragmented IT environment can only be addressed through middleware  and API  management.


What is Middleware?


In almost all companies, there is some cohabitation of a set of older and newer systems. Here, the way and how quickly communication between them occurs is vital. Middleware  is the software designation that allows the transmission of information between applications and the respective operating system. Basically, this type of software "translates" the information to facilitate communication between the different systems.  

For a system to act to its full potential, it must have access to information whose origin is usually another system. Hence the need to connect them and this is where the importance of middleware lies.

Middleware makes systems able to communicate as fast as possible to streamline the IT of these organizations. When communication gets faster, systems are more easily implemented and run. Thus, departments become more connected and can create more business.




What is API Management?


Within each organization there are several components in the environments(cloud,databases, specific APPs, and many others). If we think that each uses his own language, it is easy to realize that communication and integration of data between all these components can become slow and ineffective. Today there is a set of digital channels that can be used to leverage business growth and modernisation. API, as they manage all the information related to these channels, assume a huge importance in the process of digital transformation. 

IT departments are required to deal with a degree of increasing complexity in managing all of this. However, by using API as the preferred way to access data, we are able to reduce this difficulty and streamline processes.

An API management solution  simplifies data transmission and improves communication, making it faster.


  • What are the advantages of API Management?


The main added value of API management is to optimize the performance of the technological area of companies.

More than responding to internal needs, the IT department can become so efficient that it can create new business opportunities.


Effective API management allows companies to give companies back the control they need.


This translates into:

  • Increased efficiency;
  • Maximizing profits;
  • Satisfaction of partners and customers;
  • Strengthening security.


On the road to Digital Transformation


Thus, if this information is managed, tracked and made safely accessible, it will allow you to create new business models and new APPs, which can bring results and notoriety. Digital transformation is the stated strategy of many organizations at this time. With a view to widening the market and gaining profit lines, companies need to maximise their assets. One of the most important and with the greatest potential for appreciation is information.


Applying API management and middleware is a win-winsolution! Since they do not limit future architecture decisions, they give IT departments flexibility and agility to use the best solution in each situation.


In this theme, Nexllence offers a complete response to companies, covering:

  • Advisory;
  • Design and implementation; 
  • Management and maintenance.

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